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Little Known Ways to Create the Kitchen of Your Dreams
October 8, 2015

Now You Can Have Your New Dream Home Without Concerns About Your Contractor

What kind of home you are going to live in AND where that home is going to be could be the two biggest decisions you make for your family.  It is hard enough to choose what the house is going to look like and have as amenities, much less choosing where to put that home.  Have you ever asked yourself what really drives that decision for you and others?  What makes you like one thing and hate another?  We deal with these questions every day with working with clients.  They are tough decisions and it is tough for us to provide guidance sometimes because we don’t always have a clear sense of what the clients want.

So, we did a little homework for ourselves and found an unlimited number of options to try and answer this question.  What we did find is that there is a real psychological reason behind the question.  What we found was a great article that helped answer some of the questions for us and we thought we would share that with you.  You can find the article here – http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2011/12/the-psychology-of-home-why-where-you-live-means-so-much/249800/